Changes All Around

Lauren Inside & Out

It’s been eight months since my last blog. Clearly I’m not very committed to this blog thing. I really want to be. But intentions are wholly different than taking action. So here I am, taking action. Even if it means writing about silly things. I believe my main problem is I over think the question, “Why blog?” and I end up not blogging because it seems like a waste of time, just rambling about life, etc. But I like blogging. I like writing. I’m still searching for my niche in the blogging world.

I was looking back at my blogs from January and realizing that a lot of what I hoped to accomplish this year has happened. Resolutions, or perhaps aspirations is more appropriate. I have worked full-time for almost nine months now, and I’m very excited to be starting a new position in the next week or so (with…

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