Change the World.One Circle at a time!


Fix Your Radius. Draw Your Circle. Own It!

In his book “How Many Friends Does One Person Need“, Robin Dunbar, a British anthropologist, presents a concept of concentric circles to explain how we position our friends around us. These Social Networking circles are similar to the ones we now find on Google+, only that they are not limited to the virtual world. In real life too, we have clearly defined emotional boundaries that define the strength of the emotional bond we share with people in each of the circles. The closer the circle to the center, the stronger the bond.

Now let’s try to extend this proposition to construct a model that will direct our efforts to bring about change in this world.

Along lines similar to social networking circles, every person possesses a range of influence which too can be divided into concentric circles, our level of…

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Changes All Around

Lauren Inside & Out

It’s been eight months since my last blog. Clearly I’m not very committed to this blog thing. I really want to be. But intentions are wholly different than taking action. So here I am, taking action. Even if it means writing about silly things. I believe my main problem is I over think the question, “Why blog?” and I end up not blogging because it seems like a waste of time, just rambling about life, etc. But I like blogging. I like writing. I’m still searching for my niche in the blogging world.

I was looking back at my blogs from January and realizing that a lot of what I hoped to accomplish this year has happened. Resolutions, or perhaps aspirations is more appropriate. I have worked full-time for almost nine months now, and I’m very excited to be starting a new position in the next week or so (with…

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