Through Change We Emerge

Change is a process of ever evolving and it may apply to different aspects of our lives whether it’s the physical change we undergo as we age or change that occurs within our mental attitude. This post however will deal with the change we experience after self-evaluation. The results of that evaluation will be the determining factor for creating the change needed that enables us to emerge with a different philosophy of life.

I’ve learned that in order to change things around us,  we must change from within.  Of course, the first place to start (as mentioned in my earlier post ) is by changing the way we think.   In order to accomplish this we must first remove all negative impulses and vibrations.  Success initially begins in the mind, therefore the way we think ultimately determines the outcome.

Change is something that will not happen overnight, it is a long road to an ongoing process that requires constant work in order to effect the desired results.  Have you ever heard this famous quote by Tao Lu,  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step?”   Well the process for change starts with one simple step to think of what you want to accomplish in a positive way!

So why is change the hardest thing to do?  It’s because our pattern of thought and everything we do is simply a habit (whether good or bad) and often we fear the idea of change. Another reason may be the fact that we hate moving out of our comfort zone in order to try something new and we automatically anticipate failure.  So in essence we defeat ourselves even before we start just by a negative mindset.  So often we attract the things we really don’t want and this is why it is so important to change our thoughts. Remember, you get what you think about.

The day before I celebrated my 65th birthday, I promised myself that I was going to get back into shape by taking more walks. As you know walking is the best form of exercise, but I have always wanted to jog around the track in the park, just  once.  I’d attempted this a few times before and failed miserably because I thought I couldn’t do it and guess what? I didn’t!  But my birthday was the next day and I began to mentally change those negative thoughts into positive ones and you know the rest of the story!  I was able to run around the entire track on my birthday; this was my special gift to me.  By simply changing my mindset to incorporate positive thoughts and images, it allowed me to do what I  thought I couldn’t.  So if I can do it, you can too!

I am currently reading, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life” and  in the book are pages that give steps to help eliminate negative thinking. There’s an actual chart with two columns where you can write down various sources that are  magnets for negative vibes and another column where you list ways to overcome them. This book is really a good read and I highly suggest that you add it to your “to do list”.

To some change may come easy, then others may need to work harder. But if you want to see or make a difference in any area of your life you must be persistent with your efforts.  It is up to you to begin the process because change won’t happen until you change inside.  Always think positive thoughts in order to accomplish your goals and also succeed at developing the person you want to become.


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